Dancing away my cares!

Oh my beloved Body!

I am ecstatic for Us! We have finally found it: that dance we have been searching for…for so long. I rejoice with you, knowing you have found your way to connect with pure being!

5Rhythms is your meditation, isn’t it? You were so connected and present with everything you did…I was in awe of you, truly. It was a pleasure to observe you commit to every movement, to every rhythm. You were more alive then you have been in a long time.

But I also can now clearly see why you love sex so much. Sex and dance are quite similar, and not just in the somewhat perverse ways most people can conceive of…no, no- you, my amazing body, are so present in both of these physical activities. It makes so much sense now!

I can just see our Mind wanting to take this knowledge and strive to become a dance therapist for sex addicts, but let us remind Mind that this is about Body now. Oh, Body, you who are so quiet and unobtrusive…you are the shyest part of Us. You cannot understand how overjoyed I am to know you this way!

This is the missing part. We were seeking for this, believing we simply liked dancing like we did that one time in Olympia, Washington…but we were truly looking for the missing part of our practice!

Our Mind has some memory about meditation that involves the fact that it was “discovered” by a man and it is more of a man’s practice, whereas women are more attuned to meditate through movement. What rationally makes sense to Mind, resonates with me based on what I have observed of you, Body, during dance. You are beautiful when you move, and you are simply more beautiful when you move uninhibited by negative thoughts. You have an amazing ability to channel Heart’s strong emotions, containing them, sanctioning them while being in complete and comfortable control.

You are an inspiration to All of Us, so thank you yet another time.

In amazement,



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