How To Tell When Someone Is Bad For You

An interesting perspective…you can glean something from it.

Thought Catalog

I knew someone in high school who was never really nice to me. Even in the moments he was my friend, you could always feel an undercurrent of disdain and mockery. But when you’re 16 and not particularly attractive or well-liked, you take friends where you can get them. I think we could all pick out a few people from our adolescence whose friendships were conditional at best, outright imagined at worst. Though the more acute pains of having a false friend have largely subsided, there are specific instances I can pick out and think about to get that stomach-punch feeling of righteous indignation. There was the time I wasn’t invited to a group outing, the time I was called a nasty name having to do with my cystic acne and rosacea. All in all, though, the slights have faded into as much of a nebulous hum as the rest…

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