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Dearest overactive Mind,

First of all, let me express how sorry I am that our Body has returned to enjoying so much coffee. You are quite jumpy as a result, I see. It seems very likely that hormones are at work today too. It is a good day to practice self and be very attentive of all that is transpiring.

You are being very willful about how We all spend Our time today. I am inclined to liken you to a petulant child who is tired of being stuck inside on a rainy day and has decided to take out his angst on everyone around him. And I, like the parent who is losing patience, have grown quite tired. By increasing Self-awareness I am attempting to help you choose to use your incredible power of thought to Our advantage, but We are still learning.

I have let you have your way for so long, Mind, and change is coming even if it is hard for you accept this. I am setting boundaries with you, because it is not OK for you to harbor so many negative thoughts about Us or other things in the world. This does not promote happiness, but only perpetuates suffering.

I have heard what you thought, and instead of commiserating with your plea for pity, I am charging you to turn your complaints into some form of constructive action. So, if you feel We erred in some way, find away to atone for this mistake. Likewise, if you creating problems because you are bored, look for an actual problem that could benefit from your attention.

My last address to you concerns your present treatment of Heart. Our dear, dear Heart has a lot of emotions to deal with today as do you. We are being mindful of the affect of hormones on all of us. But you and Heart take very different approaches to your respective concerns, so give Heart some space today. Today is not a day to analyze what is happening to Heart. The best help any of Us can offer each other is love and acceptance. 

Now, let you both be off to your separate corners of consciousness, to practice being self-reliant. You are both safe here, I am watching, everything is ok here.



Dear, dear Body,

Let me write to you next, for you are my vessel through which I can experience the world. You are literally my eyes and ears on life. Thank you for carrying me on this journey, and I hope we can continue thus for many turn of the wheel of time.

If you do not mind, I would like to address various individual parts of you at this time, to express my gratitude for the lessons I have learned or to ask for better guidance. Before I begin, I must let you know that I care deeply for your continued health and well-being, and I will always care for you to the best of my abilities. And now, I thank specific pieces of the whole…

To my Breasts:

Today, You are at the forefront of my attention, for I can feel you are swollen and tender. I  must admit that I do appreciate when you get bigger; it still amazes me and makes me proud. Although, you know I am always a fan of yours, I am concerned that you seem to swell and ache so often lately. Are you OK? This is the second time this month. I am aware that it is a strong full moon today, so perhaps you are sensitive to such forces. Please just know, I am aware of your condition and I hope everything is fine, so please keep giving me signs. Thank you for being so easy-going most of the time, and for never hurting my back!

To my Acne:

Oh, Acne, my old, old friend! I hope that this full moon business is affecting you as well, because you are back in force these days. Hormones are not your friends, are they? Well, I am trying to give you your space to heal, and I will throw in some tea tree oil every now and then, but I wish I understood you better. If I can help further, let me know. But I have been meaning to tell you that I am extremely grateful that you have always protected me from vanity. Ever since we first started hanging out in fourth grade, I have been aware that perfect skin does not make me ugly or unlovable. It took me a long time to realize that, and you had to let me figure that out on my own, didn’t you!? Well, I am sorry this thank you is so long overdue, I am very glad that I feel comfortable every day to go out in the world without loads of make-up to cover you up. I have found my true beauty thanks to you, and for that I love you.

To my Feet:

This is a quick shout out to my glorious feet, who I have finally started to listen to on the subject of high heels! I hear you now. You hate them! Ok, duly noted…no more uncomfortable shoes that we can barely walk in! Aren’t even some of them comfortable for a short time? And how to you feel about those cute wedge sandals I have? OK, thanks!

To my Body Hair,

I want to speak to you as a collective, even though I know there are many differences among you…texture, color, location… I get it. But this is just an overall group thank you, for first of all, being blonde (big help to me there!), and mostly for being so reluctant to leave my body. I know you are very sensitive about the subject of hair removal, so I just want to say that I actually am very glad you hate the whole process. So do I! I want you to stay around for awhile, but if you get in my way, I will be as gentle as I can in asking you to leave. I just need some personal space sometimes from you. But you will always be welcome to come back, as fast as you always do. And let me just say, to all of you making up my Bush, I will never ask you to leave…that is not in the cards for this body. I would miss YOU too much! So anyway, thank you for helping us all reach a happy balance with our co-existence!

Ok, my beautiful Body, I will write to you again, but sleep well tonight and don’t drink too much wine tonight!



Let’s begin

Dear Heart,

I know you are hurting now. Your pain is justified and I understand that it must be. Your relationship was very valuable to you and many emotions were closely linked with your partner. I am proud of you for loving so deeply, so completely, because in all love and attachment their is the chance of loss, of pain.

Remember that it is not only OK to grieve, but it is necessary. You did not choose this end…you choose to keep loving him despite the risk of his pulling away. Your choice was brave, but now you have no choice. The facts are the facts, no matter how much your desire disagrees. He choose to close his heart to you, to know longer try to feel something he didn’t want. You took a chance, Heart, and you fell. Pain can be a learning experience, but regretting your choices will not bring him back. Go ahead and grieve, I will stay with you while you cry, but I will not pity you.

Heart, I will be the safety that you can rest in. I will not let myself be pulled down into your grief, so when you are ready, I can show you the way back. This life we are living is special, and we have the opportunity of experiencing it fully. Part of this gift is experiencing heartbreak. But I am so glad to have you in this life, because although the pain you can experience is very deep, so is the love that know how to cultivate so well. I am forever honored to have a heart like you that loves so much and so freely.

Take comfort that there is no judgment from me about how sad you are, or how hopeful. Feel free to develop new passions and new attachments. The roller coaster you take me on is exhilarating every time. Once you have grieved, I am sure you will go out into the sea of hearts and find another Love to love. Whoever he may be, he can not be as lucky as me, because I get to experience loving from the inside…I get to observe every palpitation you send through me, every act of compassion, every colorful feeling you have on your palette. 

Thank you for your big emotions, and for being the betting kind! Here’s to high risk for high reward in love!



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