About Me

After recently having a significant relationship end, I have been doing a lot of self study…focusing less on analyzing myself and more on getting to myself and accept all aspects of myself.

Some of methods for this self-exploration include:

-working with a therapist

-attending a class through The School for Practical Philosophy about happiness and wisdom

-seeking out more ways to pursue my passions and expand my interests in general

-practicing surrendering to emotions and containing them without their defining me

-slowing down the activity in my mind, through mindfulness and meditation

-trying to be more present in every moment.

This blog will serve in part as a journal as I practice these things, and also serve as a record of the many bumps I am encountering on this journey. I hope to flush out what is hindering my happiness and growth, so I can focus on bringing more good sensations into my life.

To contact me, please email me at sprungtulips.wordpress@gmail.com

Your thoughts?

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